Product code: ESDX320

Product information

This battery charger is ideal for van conversions when using a base vehicle which has a Euro 6 engine (smart-alternator) to charge the leisure battery.
With the 20amp charger using the 3 stage charging profile, the leisure battery is charged with high efficiency and avoids the vehicle battery from becoming over-discharged.
The unit is compatible with Gel, Lead Acid, AGM, LiFePO4 & Lithium Ion leisure batteries, it is recommended to check with your manufacturer before installing the charger.
Our charger also has an intelligent cooling system to prevent overheating.
Designed by Sargent to be easily installed alongside their Power Control Systems, such as EC155
Power - 260W
Input voltage range - 10.5 - 15.4V
Output voltage range - 8 - 16V
Output current - 20A (max)
Standby current - 17mA (max)
Efficiency @12V - 94%
Engine run (D+) input - Yes
Dimensions (LxWxH) - 147 x 118 x 41mm
Weight - 460g

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Product Code ESDX320